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Ace Hardware 20% Off Anything

Posted by David  •  Feb 16th, 2007 2:49:03 am - Subscribe | Mood: good | Music: Robert Miles - Children

Explains the sale at Ace Hardware. 20% Off Anything that fits in your bag on February 17th 2007, in store only.

Thats right, you can get 20% off of anything that fits in your bag at Ace Hardware on the 17th (Saturday). No coupons, promo codes, or any other promotions are needed! Personally I need a new tool box, and a ratchet set.

Ace Hardware Sales Details
Note - Power tools and small appliances qualify for a 10% discount. Discount applies to the regular price of in-stock merchandise that can fit inside the 17" x 11 -3/4" bag at one time. Individual items can be up twice the bag height (34"), however multiple stacked items cannot exceed the hight of the bag (17"). Merchandise placed in the bag must remain in its original packaging. Excludes Best Buys, sale items, city stickers, gift cards, on-line purchases and other items that each participating store may designate. Limit one bag and one offer redemption per customer while supplies last.

For more information visit:
Ace Hardware

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frost Says:
February 16th, 2007

You want to know the funny thing about that? If you goto Home Depot or Lowes, their prices are already 50% off of what ACE Hardware's is =)


anonymous Says:
October 09th, 2013

aye man this song is on point im trying too too hard i swear im rapipn cuz i want my family to be happy smile on they face dam man i thought my life descraced but nana ima rap andmake my family happy jacoreykea

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