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AOL Has Really Whipped The Lama's @ss

Posted by David  •  Nov 14th, 2004 10:30:41 pm - Subscribe | Mood: ready | Music: Doom 3 - Theme Song

AOL, the parent company of Winamp producer Nullsoft, has cut the company down to a skeleton crew of three. This makes any future developments of Winamp unlikely, writes departing Winamp developer Steve Gedikian on his website.

Gedikian also wrote, "At this point, I feel like I no longer have the power to make any positive impact on Winamp." Angry Winamp devotees blasted AOL, saying the company has "really whipped the Llama's ass on this one."

Nullsoft was purchased by AOL in 1999 for $100 million, only two years after then 18-yr old Justin Frankel created the Winamp software. Its audio streaming community, Shoutcast, produces some 70 million hours of streaming media a month.

AOL Has Really Whipped The Lama's @ss" - Nixes Nullsoft

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