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AT&T Caps DSL and U-Verse and Adds Overages

Posted by David  •  May 1st, 2011 3:31:34 pm - Subscribe | Mood: good | Music: The Tech Guy at

AT&T Caps DSL and U-Verse

I was listening to Leo Laporte today and the discussion was on AT&T Capping DSL and U-Verse and evening imposing overages. Below is the break down of the caps.

AT&T Caps DSL and U-Verse and Adds Overages
  • AT&T will be adding a 150GB monthly cap on landline DSL customers
  • AT&T will be adding a 250GB monthly cap on subscribers to U-Verse.

    This all starts on May 2nd (Tomorrow), and overage fees start at an additional $10.00 for every 50GB that you exceed.

    My recommendation is if you are an AT&T customer and are afraid of these overages when streaming movies, music, and viewing all other types of out another provider. There are smaller companies (ISP's) that offer internet services with no data caps.

    A great community that I have been going to for years is | Go check them out.

    As stated by AT&T:
    We are committed to providing a great experience for all of our Internet customers. Less than 2 percent of our Internet customers could be impacted by this approach - those who are using a disproportionate amount of bandwidth. We will communicate early and often with these customers so they are well aware of their options before they incur any additional usage charges.

    The top 2 percent of residential subscribers uses about 20 percent of the bandwidth on our network. Just one of these high-traffic users can utilize the same amount of data capacity as 19 typical households. Lopsided usage patterns can cause congestion at certain points in the network, which can slow Internet speeds and interfere with other customers' access to and use of the network. Our new plan addresses another concern: customers strongly believe that only those who use the most bandwidth should pay more than those who don't use as much. That's exactly what this does – and again, 98% of our customers will not be impacted by this.

    Leave your thoughts below.

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