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Back From Easter Weekend in Del Rio.

Posted by David  •  Mar 28th, 2005 1:27:06 pm - Subscribe | Mood: good | Music: Reggie and The Full Effect - Take me home please

Easter went great, though we did not spend spendtime with Sam and Nadia. We arrived in Del Rio at 6:30pm and my parents took us to Chili's. I wasnt really too hungry so I just ordered the house salad. The following day, mom and dad took us to Lake Amistad so that Milani can see the lake and play on the swings at the marina. We were out there for about 2 hours or so. My dad showed my a boat that he's interested in, my mom told me to pursade him to get it...but my dad said he wont get it until he retires. (later this year) My cousin Gerald Polanco got stuck at the lake on Friday. He went boating alone, and something went wrong with his rig. From what I know the Border Patrol Towed him, the following day he took his boat to the shop. Over all Priscilla, Milani, and myself had a really great time in Del Rio. Thank you grandma Polanco for the awesome Easter Lunch!

Here are some E.B. links I found interesting:
Neal's Music Video
Tori's - Why women live longer then Men

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tori Says:
March 28th, 2005

Thanks for the link and the wonderful comments happy.gif Glad you enjoyed it. Good to hear you had such an awesome break! Boats are fun, you should definitely pursuade him to get it!! happy.gif



ilusyonada Says:
March 30th, 2005

hmm. thanks. so far, i'm finding emoblog really cool. grin.gif


cidcop7 Says:
April 06th, 2005

david, hello. i am new to emoblog. i am a police officer and i wanted something where i could post my thoughts because it is a way for me to somewhat relieve some stress, i guess.. however, i have a question. i waould like to know how i can personalize my site better and add a picture of my badge like on the side of my site or something. i am proud of it because i just recently started my career as a police officer and wanted to add that to the side of my site or something... stay in touch because i want to be an avid member of your community. great work david. stay safe!

bangxbang Says:
April 07th, 2005

thanks so much.. i kinda like it here.. lol
im glad you had a good easter.. have a nice evening.. <3 megan

a_n_n_e_xd Says:
April 14th, 2005

thanks for the comment! =) glad your easter was nice...

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