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Blockbuster - No More Late Fees

Posted by David  •  Dec 15th, 2004 5:30:45 am - Subscribe | Mood: tierd | Music: Dj Doboy - Vocal Volume 2

DALLAS (AP) -- Blockbuster is eliminating late fees on games and movies, but there's a catch: If you keep it too long, you've bought it.

The company says it's going to continue to set due-dates -- one week for games, and either two days or one week for movies. But as of January first, it'll be giving customers a one-week grace period at no additional charge.

But the company says renters who keep the movies or games after the grace period will automatically be charged for purchasing it.

The renters can still return it over the next 30 days, and they'll get the purchase price refunded -- but they'll be charged a restocking fee.

Blockbuster calls it "the biggest and most important customer benefit" it's ever offered.

No More Late Fees!

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mux Says:
December 15th, 2004

awesome... i return movies if they suck right away cause we got the lil...unlimited rental thingy...i hope they dont do away with that....that would suck

chibiheartdragon Says:
December 19th, 2004

Hmm. Interesting.. It is a great customer benefit..


david Says:
December 19th, 2004

Just bewared on the other aspects of the 'No More Late Fees'. I believe if you do not return the movie after 30 days you must purchase the movie. If you return after 7 days but before 30, you can recieve your money back.

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