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Blockbuster Promotion Code 20% Off

Posted by David  •  Oct 10th, 2007 7:34:42 pm - Subscribe | Mood: good | Music: The New Amsterdamns - Turn out the light

I recieved this email 4 hours ago or so regarding my Blockbuster account, and a special savings on all previously viewed DVD's at the Blockbuster Outlet. If you like you can have it.

Hi David,

Chances are, you already know the spectacular savings available on the new and previously viewed DVDs at BLOCKBUSTER® Outlet. Well, the savings just got better, because we're offering 20% off all previously viewed DVDs through October 31!

This offer is valid for all BLOCKBUSTER Online® users, and no minimum purchase is required. To get 20% off your purchase of previously viewed DVDs, simply enter the code below at checkout.

Promotional Code: holiday20
Click here to start shopping

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