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Budget Suites Hotel

Posted by David  •  Oct 4th, 2004 11:04:58 am - Subscribe | Mood: okay | Music: Millencolin - Fingers Crossed

I got a full time job at Budget Suites Hotel, its about one block from my place, which is nice. The pay is not to bad either, the only thing is that I may need to work weekends. Im not too sure. O'well. Budget Suites Hotel is located at:

7880 Fredericksburg Road
San Antonio, TX 78240

The cool thing about the job is that everyone is really relaxed, its a simple office job, and 'if' I wanted to I could live free on the property. Well guys wish me luck, hopefully the job will be something that interests me. All this week I train from 3pm - 11pm, M-F.

Feel free to drop me a visit or call anytime! grin.gif

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superduper Says:
October 05th, 2004

congrats. ill phone one day. if im not bothering you i wouldn't wanna do that. sounds like a sweet job. i wish i had a job like that


david Says:
October 06th, 2004

Not sure you would want it. I havent been able to see my wife Priscilla since the day I started the job. Well I have seen her, but you know. Anyways I gotta get ready soon for another day at the job.

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