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Catching a Cold

Posted by David  •  Feb 8th, 2005 8:48:51 pm - Subscribe | Mood: powerful | Music: Akira - piece of heaven 2004

For the past couple of days I have been really feeling under the weather. I have a small cough, terriable runny nose, and a slight fever. To nurse my symptoms I have been drinking alot of fluides (water, orange juice) and I have also been taking Contac's and Vicks Vicks Nyquil.

THe thing that is really bugging me right now (besides being sick) is the fact that my nose hurts from sneezing, and whipeing so much. Those kleenex aloe mosturated tissues arent doing themselves justice right now. Thanks Priscilla for taking care of me!

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alienanchovies Says:
February 08th, 2005

nothing bacardi & coke wont fix


crowsblood Says:
February 08th, 2005

I'm so sorry. =( Feel better soon, and don't spread it! ^__^


amigone Says:
February 08th, 2005

feel better!!! happy.gif

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