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Christmas in Del Rio Texas

Posted by David  •  Dec 30th, 2004 2:09:56 am - Subscribe | Mood: sleepy | Music: Dj Doboy - Vocal Volume 7

After the snow & family visiting in Orange Grove Texas, we headed to my hometown of Del Rio, but first we needed to make it through the snowy/icey roads, and then make a stop in San Antonio to pickup Milani.

The roads to San Antonio were terriable so much in fact we shouldnt of driven due to the 4 inches of snow on the road. But we still did, right behind 14 other cars going 45 to 55 miles per hour. Terriable. Once in San Antonio we went home to freshin up, picked up Milani and headed to Del Rio. We made a only one pit stop on the way just to get Milani some snacks.

Once in Del Rio we visited with my family, and my 2 best friends from Del Rio. (Sam Farhat and Jesse Pena) The only thing is that Sam was sick so he was unable to do much, but as for Jesse, Priscilla and I had dinner with him at AppleBee's. The following day we saw 'Meet the Fockers', great movie but it wasnt as good as Meet the Parents. Im sure you guys would agree with me. We spend about 3/4 days in Del Rio, and on the last day my Dad cooked out for us at the lake. I really appreciated him doing this for us, I love my father.

We left Del Rio Tuesday at 9:30, stopped in Uvalde for food, and arrived in San Antonio at 12:20pm. I had a really great time in Orange Grove and in Del Rio, but I am so tierd of driving from one side of Texas to the other. But hey, these are the kinds of things you do for family.

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mux Says:
December 30th, 2004

sorry david...this is just my lil part where i get to make fun of u people that have nice weather all year round cept the rain part but no snow

but 4 inches up in the north is nothin! lol...well its still a buncha snow but like...i was delivering pizza in 1 foot o' snow! holy jeez that was fun but i could see that it would be bad there cause ya'll arent used to it and yah's dont have salt and snow plows...

im glad u got to see snow though im sure thats like a rare sight down there

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