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Cisco ASA 5505 UL-BUN-K9 Sec+ Firewall

Posted by David  •  Sep 8th, 2014 6:56:40 pm - Subscribe | Mood: good | Music: Final Fantasy IV Piano Collection

This afternoon I purchased myself a Cisco ASA 5505 (EOL) for my home network. My quest is to become a proficient system administrator, and perhaps one day a full stack I figured it would be a good idea to get some of the gear.

Now then, I have worked on the Cisco ASA 5510 & 5505, but the changes that I have made to it we're fairly easy to do. Open ports, edit ip addressing, and manage traffic But there is so much more to the ASA that I am interested in knowing so I figured I would jump in feet first by screwing up my own network and not someone elses. Here is a little background on the purchase.

Cisco ASA 5505-UL-BUN-K9 Security Plus Firewall Unlimited Users 25 SSL/IPSec VPN
Firewall is in perfect working order, no scratches on chassis.
ASA 5505
2 Power supplies and cords
Console cable
Ethernet cable

Cisco Adaptive Security Appliance Software Version 8.4(2)
Device Manager Version 6.4(5)

Hardware: ASA5505, 512 MB RAM, CPU Geode 500 MHz
Internal ATA Compact Flash, 128MB
BIOS Flash M50FW016 @ 0xfff00000, 2048KB

Licensed features for this platform:
Maximum Physical Interfaces : 8 perpetual
VLANs : 20 DMZ Unrestricted
Dual ISPs : Enabled perpetual
VLAN Trunk Ports : 8 perpetual
Inside Hosts : Unlimited perpetual
Failover : Active/Standby perpetual
VPN-DES : Enabled perpetual
VPN-3DES-AES : Enabled perpetual
AnyConnect Premium Peers : 2 perpetual
AnyConnect Essentials : Disabled perpetual
Other VPN Peers : 25 perpetual
Total VPN Peers : 25 perpetual
Shared License : Disabled perpetual
AnyConnect for Mobile : Disabled perpetual
AnyConnect for Cisco VPN Phone : Disabled perpetual
Advanced Endpoint Assessment : Disabled perpetual
UC Phone Proxy Sessions : 2 perpetual
Total UC Proxy Sessions : 2 perpetual
Botnet Traffic Filter : Disabled perpetual
Intercompany Media Engine : Disabled perpetual

This platform has an ASA 5505 Security Plus license.

Serial Number:
Running Permanent Activation Key:
Configuration register is 0x1
Configuration has not been modified since last system restart.

Have one? Or have any suggestions for me? Leave me a comment.

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