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Cold weather & rain

Posted by David  •  Feb 13th, 2004 12:29:53 pm - Subscribe | Mood: amused | Music: Ministry of Sound - These Dreams

All week it has been raining and the weather has been between the 30's & 40's. Its driving me nuts! Im sitting here at working freezing becouse our heater is not functioning, and on top of that Im typing all my hands are ice cold. sad.gif

Well tomarrow is Valentines Day some loath it, and other love it. Personally Im not really one for it, but since Ive got Priscilla in my life Valentines Day is much more pleasent. Today I got Priscilla 6 roses in a glass vase with a balloon that says Happy Valentines Day. I took it to her work just so that everyone could awe in the vast beauty of the flowers. tounge.gif No but seriously they were really nice.

Well I best get back to the grind. It ends at 5:30pm, and from there we are heading to Austin for a Primerica meeting.

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