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Compression and Video Effects in Adobe Premiere

Posted by David  •  Jan 24th, 2005 8:05:21 pm - Subscribe | Mood: good | Music: Dj Doboy - Vocal Volume 10

For the past 2 weeks I have been really working hard on learning Premiere. I've gotta admit the software is great and I would highly recommened it to anyone. If you guys ever have the chance to take a video class (College or Highschool) than take it.

The great thing about teaching yourself is learning at your own pace. When I get started using any program, I always try to import and modify. I believe modifying is the easiest way to learn 'how and the heck' you do certain things.

Getting back to Adobe Premiere, I have been really working on compression rates and video effects. Compression, for adding to the web, and video effects to give it pizazz. Perhaps one day I will release a test video on Emo Blog, well see.

From what I can remember I believe it was neal & mux who have knowledge in video editing, in fact I think one of the 2 took a class.

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mdeleon Says:
January 26th, 2005

I used Premier for a short time when we took that Multimedia class together, david. It's got a lot of awesome features, and I would like to get back to it as well.


erik Says:
February 03rd, 2005

Yeah, thats what our Broadcast Club uses. We use it all the time for making our Friday announcements, as well for Communications Technology courses. It's a relaly simple program once you get used to it. Definatly start with Premiere, I tried downloading Premiere 6. Long story short, I deleted it the next morning.

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