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Contra Hacker Group Hack Websites and Publish Databases

Posted by David  •  Jun 19th, 2011 8:25:15 pm - Subscribe | Mood: good | Music: No Music

Hacked by Contra

*Updated 8:29pm has been hacked and finalize 10 out of 10 domains as said by Contra located on Twitter @ContraHax out of Stockholm, Sweden. Seems as though some sys admins and web developers are going to have some work to do in the morning.

Seems as though and numerous other websites were was hacked recently by a hacker group calling themselves Contra. I found this out looking for a SEO company that my full time job uses. So sure enough I type in SEO company into Google, and what do you

According to their Twitter account they are located out of Stockholm, Sweden and have gone on a hacking rampage possibly finding a flaw in a CMS or vulerability in PHP, current details are unknown.

Some of those hacked websites by Contra include:


The add on the hacked website a video of Dance Floor Dale, and leave a message: From Sweden with <3, along with a link to their Twitter Account. Seems as though the internet is on a hacking frenzy. Here is a .FLV of a video that they have posted.

External Links
1. Dance Floor Dale

Disclaimer: I would like to make every one aware that I am in no way affiliated directly, or in directly with any hacking groups. I am a small time blogger that posts technology related news, nothing more, nothing less.

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anonymous Says:
April 04th, 2012

Contra Hacker Group Hack Websites and Publish Databases could be the exceptional.

anonymous Says:
July 06th, 2012

Contra's one dude, bro.

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