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Convert a Video to Work with iPod

Posted by David  •  Apr 1st, 2006 10:58:12 am - Subscribe | Mood: sleepy | Music: Reggie and the Full Effect - What The Hell Is Stipulation

Converting a video to work with iPod
If you have an iPod that plays video, you can copy videos from your iTunes library to your iPod. An iPod that plays video can only play videos that are optimized for iPod. You can convert most videos to work with iPod.

iPod Video ConverterIf you try to copy a video to iPod and a message says the video can't play on your iPod, you must convert the video.

Select the video in the iTunes library.
Choose Advanced > Convert Selection for iPod.

Note: Converting a video for iPod can take several minutes to several hours, depending on the length and content of the video.

When you convert a video to work with iPod, the original video remains in your iTunes library. You may continue to see the message saying a video can't play on your iPod.

For more detailed information on converting and copying videos to an iPod, go to Can't transfer videos to iPod.

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anonymous Says:
April 20th, 2006

I did the steps above and still cant hear the audio with the video playing.

anonymous Says:
April 25th, 2006

yep, same problem

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