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Create ASCII Art for Terminal / SSH Logins

Posted by David  •  Sep 10th, 2013 8:21:02 am - Subscribe | Mood: good | Music: Blink 182 - Carousel

This fun entry will show you how to create a cool SSH message in ASCII Art.

So before we begin we must first ask ourselves, what is ASCII Art? ASCII Art is simply put as a graphic technique that is created by using alpha numerical charecters. ASCII Art can be created with any text editor, but it is easier to use an online generator to create them for you.

To create a ASCII Art for SSH Logins please follow these steps.

1. Create ASCII Art! Let's start by visiting ASCII Generator by Once here in the Text Field type in something like. My Cool Server. In the font drop down type select the font graffiti. The other options on this page such as reflection, adjustment, stretch, and width you can leave alone. Now commit this by selecting Do it!

2. You will now notice that the text that you entered in the Text Field is now in ASCII Art! We will come back to step 2 but let's move on to step 3.

3. Go to your Linux machine, and find Terminal or SSH into Terminal. If you do not know how to SSH please take a look at this article that I made called: How to SSH from the Linux Terminal.

3. Navigate in terminal to /etc. To do this type the following
$ cd /etc

4. Now you need to create or edit a file called banner. To find out if you have a banner file. Type $ ls. This will then give you a list of the contents in that directory. If you see banner than all you need to do is edit it with your favorite text editor vim or nano to name a couple. To do so type: $ nano banner while in the /etc directory.

5. Now that you have the editor open refer back to step 2 and copy your Ascii Art into the editor. Do not forget to save it!

6. Now that we have your Ascii Art into the editor we need to now let SSH know where to find it. Let's begin by navigating to: $ cd /etc/ssh

7. Let's now edit in this directory the ssh_config file. By typing into terminal: $ nano sshd_config (notice this sshd_config and not ssh_config) Scroll down to the bottom of the page and you will notice something like: #Banner /etc/ We need to change that to Banner /etc/banner What we are doing is pointing SSH to the correct banner with our ASCII Art. Save the modifications that we made in sshd_config.

8. Now we need to restart ssh. To do so type in: $ /etc/init.d/sshd restart or you can type $ service sshd restart

9. Now simply log out of terminal by typing quit. Then try logging in again.

10. You're done!

Get creative! You are not bound to simple using text to create great ascii art. You can also use images! Head over to and he/she has a great Image to Ascii Generator.

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