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Create Video Tutorials for Emo Blog

Posted by David  •  Feb 4th, 2005 10:39:01 am - Subscribe | Mood: sleepy | Music: When in Rome - The Promise

I was thinking about creating video tutorials for Emo Blog Dot Com, but at the same time I am wondering if anyone will really use them. All the video tutorials would display the basics on the 'how to's' of Emo Blog. (No audio) Everything from adding a blog entry to using the modifying your profile.

One of the common most questions that we get on Emo Blog is, I dont know how to get started. Well why not create a blog entry? Thats a start! happy.gif Emo Blog video tutorials are to be introduced on Emo Blog Version 2 release, or even sooner, by demand.Question is...

1. Would you use watch the videos?
2. What speed is your internet connect?
3. Do you think this would help our users?

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anonymous Says:
February 04th, 2005

i think it could really help. i personally wouldn't use them because i've been here forever but yeah it'd work. i think they should be made in flash instead of actual video though. it'd be better than having the video stream and pause every once in a while.

great idea!

(p.s. i have a 56k)


mux Says:
February 04th, 2005

hmm what would be cool for emoblog v2 would be a picture uploading thing to our personal blogs, and maybe a video blog where u upload video's to emoblog and people with high speed net could watch them or whatever

1 - maybe if i had time
2 - 28k
3 - yes


alienanchovies Says:
February 05th, 2005

mux dont you think that would eat tons of bandwidth


erik Says:
February 05th, 2005

I use Lightwave8 for my 3D animation. I bought a manual a while back that came with some software allowing you to capture screenshots and make videos (audio included). They used this for making all of the tutorials on the CD, and they're pretty great. But in terms of suporting these movies on the site, I've got no idea how youd do that, unless users are gonig to download them. Any questions, shout back. Take er' easy.

melissa Says:
February 06th, 2005

hi there.. just dropping by..


brightside Says:
February 06th, 2005

thanks =)

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