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David Kyle Rest in Peace

Posted by David  •  Aug 28th, 2006 1:04:58 pm - Subscribe | Mood: sad | Music: Real Life - Send Me An Angel

David Kyle Rest in Peace

David Kyle Rest in Peace
A really good friend of mine past away on Sunday afternoon. The details are still are uncertain, but what is known is that his grandmother called me up today at noon, and told me that he was found at a friends house.

Today Ruby called me up (a friend of Davids) to let me know what she knew. So far her story and my story, are pretty much the same. We agreed that she should call everyone on his phone and let them know about how David Kyle is no longer with us. I believe Ruby is doing so.

I just wanted to put in my 2 cents here and say that I'm really going to miss you bud. You were always the comedian in the crowd, and perhaps maybe one day we can meet again. I wish you and your family the best.

This is a very sad day.

I will update this as more details become known.

David Kyles Favorite Songs: (that I knew of)
  • Real Life - Send Me An Angel
  • Spinto Band - Oh Mandy
  • Thrice - Send Me An Angel
  • Styx - Mr. Roboto
  • Bill Cosby - Pokemon

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    emogirlie Says:
    August 28th, 2006

    aww. don't dwell on death. he's in a better place now. hope you feel better soon. happy.gif


    mdeleon Says:
    August 28th, 2006

    sorry for your loss man


    zephyr Says:
    August 28th, 2006

    I'm so sorry David that your friend isn't with us anymore.


    perfect110 Says:
    August 28th, 2006

    david I am so sorry for your loss, I hope you and his family are doing ok. Sometimes when things like this happen we realize how frail and fragile life truly is. We never know when our time is going to come to an end, so we always need to be ready. I pray that through this you may find some better understand of life, and death- and Who gives and takes it. God bless, perfect~

    anonymous Says:
    March 07th, 2016

    To: David Polanco- Thank you for keeping our friend's memory alive with this blog.

    I was D.K.'s friend, roommate, and collaborator. We shared a lot of laughs over the years. I even introduced him to "Kimi" one of the loves in his life. We supported each other threw life's ups and downs. He never let me take myself too serious. Now almost 10 years after his death I leave a post and for that David I am truly sorry. Not a year has gone by that I have not mourn your death and celebrated your life. I still tell stories about this wacky kind kid. I was there at the funeral and had even given some slurred solemn words. I wrote a song about him after his passing. He was one of my best friends. I remember him saying once that he looked up to me and that his biggest fear was being alone. I laugh and told him saying "Don't look up to me, I am a nobody. Besides your never alone as long as you have friends." If I had known then how soon his light would be extinguished maybe I would have done more to share it with the world. David was always recording things. A regular Hunter S. Thompson. He would have his tape recorder duct tapped to his chest. He and I would listen to what he recorded previous nights for hours. It always seemed that he was looking for something. Something that was so small, so unrecognizable to most and some how he would make music out it. Exclaiming pure nonsense. Yep that was D.K. always creating something magical from the nothing.
    I remember when he moved to San A. He would call me up and tell me all about you guys. I thought that it was great that he met new friends. When he told me about you, David Polanco, I remembering saying... "David and David... Sounds better then Ben and Jerry's. (jokingly)"

    P.S. David Polanco, will you please email me that Benny Hill spoof? Apparently it has disappeared from the inter webs. ( Many thanks.

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