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David Polanco & David Polanco

Posted by David  •  Feb 2nd, 2005 2:56:09 am - Subscribe | Mood: Doing well | Music: Reggie and the Full Effect - Thanx for Stayin

Things are great. Lately I've been playing Half Life 2, (just beat it) and looking for a job on monter, msn, and yahoo. Yesterday David Polanco (alienanchovies) and I went to....wait do you know the other David Polanco on Emo Blog?

Ok check this out, a long time ago I recieved an IM form a guy named 'David Polanco' via Yahoo! Well anyways he found out about my name from my .com site. It was so funny, becouse at times we can be total opposites, but hey opposites can really be great friends.

Alienanchovies (EB USER) is David Polanco

Well anways, David Polanco and I went to Wal-Mart and did a I-HACK on a Coca~Cola machine No we didnt get any soda, but we did get the machines current tempreture, prices of all the soda, and acknowledgement that we can follow directions from 4 sheets of paper. happy.gif Soon after we hacked a Carwash with a code, (we've known for years now) and washed my car, then his. Later that evening we made it a burger night, and that was pretty much it. Good Times.

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joanne Says:
February 02nd, 2005

Hey David Can you Hack this jerks computer...please! I want to teach him a lesson... coz he has been an asshole to me!


david Says:
February 02nd, 2005

Joanne, have you tried reporting to the or your internet provider?


adam Says:
February 02nd, 2005

You have a friend with the same name! Holy cow man... ok just kinda cool and odd all at the same time!


crowsblood Says:
February 03rd, 2005

David, I just wanted you to know that you can use my template if you'd like, and now is even fine. =D


alienanchovies Says:
February 03rd, 2005

the masses will cower at our 1337/\\/3$$/ ability to follow directions

anonymous Says:
April 01st, 2009

of all the davids in the world im looking for i keep running into you...did you know you are alot of places on these winding streets of the internet?anyway out of the two of you dsvids I bet neither one (at least definatly not you ;>( )is the one im looking for.If you come across another one ( David Robert polanco jr.)from galveston.Lamarque.and texas city Texas-plaesa send him my way.thanks and sorry for bothering you with the trivial.I JUST HAPPENED TO KEEP COMING ACROSS YOUR MANY PROFILES AND WANT TO GET HIS NAME EVERYWHERE I CAN TO FIND HIM.sorry///lacey(

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