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David Polanco on Ebay

Posted by David  •  Feb 8th, 2005 11:53:23 pm - Subscribe | Mood: excited | Music: Dj Doboy - Vocal 10 Mix

David Polanco, on Ebay

Hello everyone. My name is David and I live out of San Antonio Texas. Im currently 25 years old and I am currently a responsible student attending University of Texas at San Antonio. On Ebay I usually do more buying than selling, mainly because Im out trying to find a good deal. Most of the items that I do sell are brand new, and I will never auction an item that [I myself would not buy].

When selling items, I will always ship on the next business day or the same day being that shipping offices are still open. This is usually before (5pm CST) here in San Antonio Texas. I all welcome ebay users to email me regarding the items I sell, in fact I highly recommend it to avoid any type of confusion. I make all my descriptions very concise, with excellent images supporting them.

When buying items, I will always pay as soon as the auction is over. If I have no funding within my paypal account, I will not bid. Reason being, it takes about 3 to 4 days to transfer funding from a bank account to paypal. I know Ebay sellers appreciate fast payments, as I would appreciate fast delivery with excellent communication.

So why do I Ebay? Well I have come to the understanding that there are wonderful people out there who are in need of a product or service, and are looking for an excellent price. I want to be the person that provides that service or product for them. Ebay is a fast and secure way of doing business, and with the assistance of paypal payment is so much easier.

Well with all that great stuff in mind I welcome your bidding, and you can be assure that I will strive to complete your order in the most satisfactory and professional manner as soon as the auction is over.

BID WITH CONFIDENCE, from a Trustful Ebay Member.

- David O. Polanco, of San Antonio Texas
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crowsblood Says:
February 09th, 2005

Thanks for yer' location. Now I can stalk you! Mwahaha! XD J/K

I have a question about Ebay. Don't people just put crap up, not really having it? . . Did I ask you this question already?


david Says:
February 09th, 2005

Actually no, but if on the rare instance this does happen. When it does they are left negative feedback on their member account. Enough negative feedback can really effect a member from ever selling or buying an item on ebay ever again.


plue Says:
February 09th, 2005

i've never done shopping in the internet. XD

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