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Del Rio Weekend with the Family

Posted by David  •  Dec 4th, 2005 9:13:42 pm - Subscribe | Mood: good | Music: When In Rome - The Promise

This past weekend Priscilla, Milani, Myself spent time with parents in Del Rio Texas. It just so happended that my Uncle Hector from Bakersfield California was visiting so it was great spending time with him also. All is well in Del Rio, most of the time we spent it at my parents and grandparents house, mianly becouse my mom wanted to spend time with the baby. happy.gif It just so happened that before we picked up Milani, she had a doctors appointment in which she got her Flu Shot. poor baby, she felt slight symtoms from late Saturday on through today. We went to the store and got her some medicines to sooth her grumpiness. Im sure she will get better later this week. All and all we had a really time, we spent it with family and thats all that really matters.

The next time we head to Del Rio will hopefully be around New Years Eve.

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david Says:
December 04th, 2005

Email them to aeonity [at] gmail dot com. We plan on setting up a gallery area for user contributed images. Thanks sky_line_.

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