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Doom 3 Arrives in Stores

Posted by David  •  Aug 4th, 2004 2:33:25 am - Subscribe | Mood: surprised | Music: Dj Doboy - Vocal Volume 2

Doom 3 ArrivesAs many of you guys know Doom 3 has arrived in stores. The game (which was to be released in late 2003) has been called game of the year for 2004. I have yet to play the game but in the next few expecting hours I will have my copy. I will keep you updated on how everything goes, frankly I cant wait to see how my graphics card holds up.

BTW It was brought to my attention that a warez group has already optained a copy and illegal distributions are under way. Keygens and game cracks have already been created and are being named as rld-d3kg.

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anonymous Says:
August 04th, 2004

dude that is sweet!!!! I can't wait till i can play the game. it looks alot better than the original


r_error Says:
August 08th, 2004

ive played through the entire game, and it took me about 15 hours of nonstop playing, it creeped me out a few times, and i must say, im not one who is creeped out easily... oh, and the hell level captures what hell would seem like, imho... its very fucking good...

anonymous Says:
August 13th, 2004

Im in the alpha labs sector I... how far am i?

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