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Doom 3 Rocks

Posted by David  •  Aug 4th, 2004 11:03:55 pm - Subscribe | Mood: scared | Music: Journey - Dont Stop Believing

Doom 3 has got to be one of the best graphic intense video games that I have ever played. The scene is as dark as Thief 3, but the shadow rendering on this games is awesome. The video game does remind me of Aliens Vs. Preditor I, but Doom 3 is in a classification of its own. For those who do not have Doom 3 go buy it! Just keep in mind you need a decient processor and a good video card. I can gather information on game requirements if you comment below...just let me know.

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anonymous Says:
August 06th, 2004

Extremely good song my friend.


david Says:
August 06th, 2004

Thanks anonymous! happy.gif


r_error Says:
August 08th, 2004

you gotta have atleast a 1500+ and a 64mb vid card, but im running a 2700+ and 128mb card, and its slightly laggy... (its gotta be winxp...) i plan on disabling alot of shit for gaming...


mux Says:
August 09th, 2004

ugh..bud...ur gunna need atleast a 3.0GHZ which is what people said on the beta you need and u need like 256mb card

anonymous Says:
June 07th, 2006

Doom 3 works fine by a 1.60Ghz and 512mb RAM. I have a normal video card I run it on Normal mode-800x600 in my Laptop just as fine as the desktop.

anonymous Says:
December 03rd, 2008

Doom 3 is the best Scary game made on ID software! i love all games RA3 HL2 FC was kinda disapointing and GTA series are just Awsome

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