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Download: Emule Filesharing

Posted by David  •  Dec 26th, 2003 2:59:04 pm - Subscribe | Mood: pleased | Music: Gigi Lav Meets Ben Dj - Forever friends

Well I found a new p2p program that I will now be using rather than that RIAA loving Kazaa. The program is called Emule.

Emule is an open-source application based on the eDonkey2000 network. Rather than my take on it, here is the explanation of eMule from the eDonkey2000 website.

"EDonkey is... smart enough to tell the difference between two files, even if they have the same file size and name. This has two advantages: It ensures that unique files are properly presented, and when several identical files are found eDonkey can download from those independent sources at the same time, making your downloads faster. This unique file identification also allows you to create links to the files you have, sending them to friends or family, or put them on your website, so users who have eDonkey installed as well can download that exact same file from your, or any other user who has it."

Now you will be able to download "bits & pieces" of a file from everyone...rather than just downloading from people that have the full program. The interface is very sleak, and the fact that you are able to add more servers is a plus!

Download Emule Filesharing:

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