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Download Speeds Update for David in San Antonio

Posted by David  •  Feb 15th, 2005 2:51:20 am - Subscribe | Mood: still sick | Music: Dj Doboy - Vocal Volume 12

I just tested my internet download and upload speeds again, and its seem that I have surpassed my old download and upload scores. My current speeds are as follows:

2005-02-15 03:46:43 EST: 4112 / 333
Your download speed : 4211213 bps, or 4112 kbps.
A 514 KB/sec transfer rate.
Your upload speed : 341151 bps, or 333 kbps.

Click here to view in graphical format.

Now then if you ask me this is a perfect time to go internet gaming on Half-Life 2, and that is what I shall be doing for the next couple of hours. Until then good night everyone!

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plue Says:
February 15th, 2005

mine's only 56k. no joke. i'm only using a dial-up connection. T_____T

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