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Droid Razr by Motorola Released Tomorrow

Posted by David  •  Oct 26th, 2011 8:37:35 pm - Subscribe | Mood: tired | Music: No Music

Seems as though the Droid Razr by Motorola will be released tomorrow. For an iOS user I was wondering if anyone has considered this purchase or would even be interested?

According to the Droid Razr advertisement by Verizon:

The ultimate power of DROID. The legendary edge of RAZR. Combined to form the world's thinnest 4G LTE smartphone.

• Android 2.3 Gingerbread OS
• Dual-core 1.2 GHz processor
• KEVLAR® strong back plate,
Gorilla® Glass face
• 7.1 mm thin with big 4.3 inch
Super AMOLED Advanced display

So how about it? Personally if I were under the Android system I would defiantly hold out for the Ice Cream Sandwich release of phones. (which was just released 3 to 5 days ago) Are you under contract?

Does any one even care about this release?

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anonymous Says:
October 09th, 2013

it freezes for me every once in a while then randmoly restarts does send text but all the games are boring except teeter is pretty interesting :] not the best smart phone ever tho and it also calls the same person twice :/ it calls even when im talking to that specific person D: but yea pretty crappy fone at times :/

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