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Dust All Apart of a Photographers Life

Posted by David  •  Sep 28th, 2007 7:00:49 pm - Subscribe | Mood: happy | Music: Arthur - All My Life

Dust is apart of life, so let me show you how to deal with it.

I've been to alot of photography websites and it seems that all of them have users having problems with dust in there images.

I side with the pro's when they say...dust is apart of life...all you can do is try an maintain the sensor and the lens to the best of your abilities. So what can be done?

  • Test shots
  • Clean your lens and sensors
  • Maintain your lens and sensors
  • Carry a cleaning kit

    Nothings worse than taking a beautiful picture, and having a dust spec in it. So always test your camera with a few dummy pics before you go out. Always clean your lens and sensors, preventive maintaince is the best maintaince. Ah, yes...maintain. Don't go to a beach and not expect sand on your camera, its gonna happen...all you can do is maintain to the best of your abilities.

    Always carry a cleaning kit for your camera, you can fmind a bunch of good options on Amazon or any other friendly camera shop.

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