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Emo Blog Forum 06.26.04

Posted by David  •  Jun 26th, 2004 4:52:44 am - Subscribe | Mood: hyper | Music: South Park Theme Song

The new Emo Blog Forum is about 65% done. Im still working on matching the colors accordingly and making the layout easy and fun to use. I believe the new forum will be a great place to share ideas, and even make some new friends. I have used forum software before so I should really have no trouble getting everything configured. On one of our old forums we have over 3000 members and over 7000 threads and 12000 posts. We were gaining tons of hits from various search engines everyday, but I stopped updating the site, and about 6 months later my viewers went from 200 to 150 to 80 to 12. sad.gif

O'well, time to start fresh and new. This new forum will be used from here on, so I hope some of you are kinda excited. happy.gif

So what are some good catagories for a blog site?

Lounge Talk?
Template Creation?

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