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Expecting Sam Farhat

Posted by David  •  Jul 30th, 2004 4:58:16 pm - Subscribe | Mood: expecting | Music: Dj Doboy - Vocal 8 Mix

Ok so Sammy & Nadia. (Nadia is Sams Fiance) are leaving Del Rio at about 6pm today. They will be staying with us for the weekend, and will be leaving early Sunday morning to go to Austin. But before they leave Del Rio they need to go to my parents house and pick up a cooler for our drinks on Saturday. My mom said if she wasnt there she would leave the cooler outside the door for them. Remember, were going tubing on Saturday! Sam told me it may rain on Saturday, but I just check WeatherUnderground and we have less than a 20% chance. Woo! Today Im gonna go pickup Milani so we can all spend some time with her, then we will drop her off around 10. Then we will most likely head to H.E.B. Food Store and get what we need for the big day. Can't go tubing with out a cooler full of drinks, and snacks. grin.gif

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