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Family weekend

Posted by David  •  Jul 23rd, 2004 3:05:10 pm - Subscribe | Mood: happy | Music: The Get Up Kids - I\'ll Catch You

My parents are here for the weekend. Today Im pretty sure we will just hang out, and do some shopping, then later on have dinner at a nice resturant. My parents really love Milani (my daughter) as so many people that meet her do. Its so funny the way she laughs and before she gets into mischief she looks at me to see what my limits are. (She knows better) grin.gif Reminds me of myself when I was a kid. I love her.

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mux Says:
July 23rd, 2004

aww...thats awesome my nephew is devlish but awesome...its kinda fun though...


amigone Says:
July 25th, 2004

aww that is totally adorable! she know the age old art of testing her daddy, which, take it from an expert, is a gift. haha.


david Says:
July 26th, 2004

Just add the problem you are having to the forum. The forum can be located at at the top right.

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