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Firefox Running Slow Says Connecting to Advertisements

Posted by David  •  Jul 6th, 2010 6:01:46 pm - Subscribe | Mood: good | Music: No music

Firefox Running Slow Connecting to Advertisements.I figured I would post this question that a friend sent to me, hoping that it would help others on the net with similar issues. The questions that I received was:

User Question July 6 at 3:18pm
I need a professional opinion. Recently my firefox browser has been running slow as s*it while on the net, while I surf from site to site. At the bottom left where it says "connecting to..." it always gets stuck on ads., etc... WTH is wrong with my machine? Ive only had it for a couple of months. Ive researched a little bit and it says most ads run off Java script and apparantly thats not good, and it slows down stuff. Is this normal? Are there some good remedies? Holler.

Ok seems simple enough. Here is a break down of what needs to be done so that hopefully this situation can be resolved. Keep in mind that Firefox has become more of a bloated browser ever since 3.0.

  1. Is your version of Firefox up to date?
  2. Have you tried clearing you're temporary history on Firefox?
  3. Are you running addons on Firefox that could be compromising you're browsing experience? Try disabling all Firefox addons temporally, and clearing you're temp files.
  4. Try another browser such as Internet Explorer or my recommendation Google Chrome to compare if they browser rendering speeds are similar.
  5. Virus scan - Try running a virus scan. It's possible that malware has attached it's self to you're core system32 files. (I am assuming you're on Windows). My recommendation is a free web scan be ESET at ESET Online Antivirus Scanner, or install Microsoft Security Essentials
  6. If you have tried 1 -4 and this issue still persists, I would recommend uninstalling Firefox, and reinstalling.
  7. Possible DNS issues, try contacting you're local ISP (Internet Service Providers), and ask if their DNS services have been updated. DNS (Domain Name Servers) work basically like a phone book, it is up to ISP to have these entries updated as frequently as possible.

I am more than sure that the reason Firefox is Running Slow and says connecting to those advertisements is because of the issues above. You were recommended to remove javascript. Give Noscript a javascript killer a try. It basically removes JavaScript, Java and Flash unless you add them to you're trusted sites.

Good luck and happy browsing.

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