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The Flying Saucer - Brews You've Tasted For Mid August

Posted by David  •  Aug 14th, 2008 11:56:16 am - Subscribe | Mood: tired | Music: Larry Greene - Through the Fire

I had a really great time last night at The Saucer. Here are the beers I drank for the week.

  • Victory Golden Monkey 2008-08-14
  • De Block Satan Gold (BTL) 2008-08-14

    Last evening they had a Commemorative Pink Elvis glass (to celebrate his death). The beer was a fusion...mixed with a strawberry and a light beer. Not too bad, but way too fruity for my taste. When we arrived the glass had already sold out. I tried buying a glass, but alot of people were sending them out to friends, saving them for family, and all that kinda stuff. Luckly at the table we were sitting a guy asked if I wanted his. I offered him 10 dollars, but he declined it saying he only needed one. So I just bought him a beer in return. I got another glass from the manager Javiar, it's slightly cracked but I think it gives it character. O'well.

    I will see about posting a picture of the Commemorative Elvis Glass later this evening.

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