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Free Dentyne Bubble Gum

Posted by David  •  May 6th, 2006 6:55:09 pm - Subscribe | Mood: good | Music: Updating Ipod Do Not Disconnect

Explains how to get your own Free Dentyne Bubble Gum from Dentyne

I was watching a commercial on G4TV and I saw an ad for Dentyne Gum, and how you can pick up girls when you chew it. I'm only kidding but it did have 2 girls around a guy asking for some Dentyne Gum. Well anyways the commercial said go to for a pack of your own free gum. So go figure, I went to the site, passed the age check, and added my contact information so that they can send me a coupon. Want your own pack of Free Dentyne Bubble Gum? Click the link below.

Free Dentyne Bubble Gum

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frost Says:
May 06th, 2006

I went for the cinnamon spice. See how it tastes.


mavmanager2000 Says:
May 06th, 2006

wow, g4, its so sad to what that channel has become. sad.gif i miss the old g4/tech tv!


mdeleon Says:
May 07th, 2006

i dont think you guys are the only ones. I was a big tech tv fan, but especially for TSS and CFH. I stillw atch the Canadian Call for Help a few times a month through torrents on


david Says:
May 07th, 2006

Wow where totally off topic around here. grin.gif

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