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Free Ipod Video Converter List

Posted by David  •  Apr 1st, 2006 3:36:49 pm - Subscribe | Mood: working | Music: Blink 182 - Click Lips

Tried using the Ipod Convert a Video to Work with iPod on iTunes? But for some odd reason it didnt work? Well I've been searching the web for some converters that will assist you converting your videos to Ipod Format.

Below are a list of Free Ipod Video Converts that will assist you convert wmv, mpeg, mpg, avi, and much more to mp4 and mov formats. The great thing about these converters is that they are all freeware and are at no charge to you.

Free iPod Video Converter (Freeware)
Click here to download - Jodix Ipod Video Converter

Free Online Video Ipod Converter
Click here to visit - Video 4 Ipod Converter

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anonymous Says:
April 05th, 2006

I love the video4ipod site. Great shared downloads as well.

anonymous Says:
April 07th, 2006

All-in-one iPod video Conversion solution. Direct Convert DVD to iPod, Convert AVI, DivX, XviD to iPod, VOB MPG, MPEG to iPod, ASF, MOV WMV to iPod, RMVB, RM to iPod.

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