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comablack *groans* uggghhh! - Subscribe
I swear, im getting annoyed with me not doing anything!

Well, I woke up this morning. Got dressed.. I forgot that I was supposed to go with my friend in the cab this week so I was like damn! Then it was extremely cold, because I had to wait for the bus. Then I got to school, had a few laughs with some friends.. Then I went to my first class which was tech. And I just went on a couple of sites and did nothing. And then, I went to my second class (history) and listened to my music, and started on my project.. Then there was lunch, it was boring as usual. But I did have alittle bit of fun. Then I went to my third eyes (english) and we finished the Romeo & Juliet movie.. then I went to my last class (science) and then me and my friend presented first (we had a project) so we got that out of the way. And then school was over, I met up with some friends as usual, and then me and my friends almost had to walk home in the freezing cold! But then my friends bro came and gave us a ride. Billy Talent was on in the car so I was singing to that, and then we dropped my friend off, and then me and my friend and his bro were slididng on the ice in the car, and like whirling around, it was hella fun! And then I got home and couldn't wait to see if Adam was on. He's the one thing that I look forward to everday.. (feels all mushy, <3 ya Adam!) and thats all I did today.. I might be going out tonight, but I don't know. *shrugs* and yeah, thats all..

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Music: Billy Talent - Prisoners Of Today

mdeleon Mac Mini and Ipod details Jan 18th, 2005 3:41:29 pm - Subscribe
I just thought I'd post some details, specs and photos about Apple's newest products: The Mac Mini and the Ipod Shuffle.

Ipod Shuffle:
The Ipod shuffle comes in either 512 mb or 1 gb at $99 and $149. Basically you get a small version of the Ipod except ther is not an LCD and this Ipod Shuffle is abut the size of a package of gum.

The Ipod Shuffle lets you play in order of your playlist or you can shuffle it with a switch on the back. It also doubles as a storage device (thumb drive) so I can listen to music and carry a file to work all at the same drive. Just take the cap off and plug into the usb to load with mp3's or other data. I'll prbably end up getting one next month and I'll let you all know how it goes.

Mac Mini:

Live the digital life in stylish simplicity. Just 6.5 inches wide and 2 inches tall, Mac mini provides what you need to have more fun with your music, photos and movies — right out of the box. And it boasts a miniscule price to match: Mac mini starts at $499.
Get a Mac for Less

The modular design of Mac mini lets you upgrade your current system to the elegance, simplicity and reliability of Macintosh. BYODKM:* If you already own a monitor, keyboard and mouse, you can get up and running in minutes. Or choose any combination of new devices to match your setup. And yes, Mac mini will take advantage of your two-button USB mouse with scroll-wheel and your favorite USB keyboard. Just plug them in.

The main issue with the mini is that you really can't upgrade yourself. I saw a picture of the inside of one of thse and it is packed with no room to uograde ram, etc.. You would have to take it to an official Mac specialist, store, etc...

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marlene My feet are so cold. Jan 18th, 2005 9:19:16 am - Subscribe
Yeah, so, today I didn't have to go to school. I was supposed to go to a doctors appointment and get a full exam, but my period and decided I wasn't comfortable being checked all over while bleeding in those specific areas. So, birth control shall have to wait. My mom said I can stay home, since I was up since 2 in the morning leaving me with about 4 hours sleep. Cramps woke me up and they were so bad, I couldn't get back to sleep, it made me wanna cry, heh. But, better now, took a bunch of advil. I'm glad I got my period though, in a way, I want to put off this doctors thing, though it needs to be done sooner or later. Also, now I won't have my period when I go to stay with Zander for a week after exams. I can't wait.

Well, all I've done today was eat, try to call the doctor's to re-schedule and download some songs that seem to be taking their time, but oh well ...I have all day now. So, I should probably dedicate this day to getting caught up on all my projects, we'll see.
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mdeleon Loss in Family Jan 18th, 2005 8:37:24 am - Subscribe
For the past week or so, we were informed that my Grandma, who's been in Hospice for a few years went into a coma. Last night at about 11:30 p.m. I got a call from my brother who said our family in San Antonio called and said our grandmother would not make it through the night.

All three of us headed to San Antonio, but, unfortunately we were too late. We stayed there for a few hours and kind of said our "goodbyes."

Luckily, my grandma is now with my dad and my grandpa, and we have a ton of awesome memories of the time we had with her.

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wade 11-18-05 Jan 18th, 2005 3:45:30 am - Subscribe
I have been using Mozilla Firefox for about a week now. I definitely do not like it. Compared to Internet Explorer, however I still prefer it. My favorite browser is Mozilla. I guess they are calling it a suite now. It just has all the options I like and/or am used to. First I got to have autocomplete for text. I hate having to push the down arrow. That and I want it to only autocomplete addresses that I have manually typed. I prefer the way Mozilla downloads. There were also some other things I miss as well, but can not remember. And of course, I must have my LCARs star trek theme. Unfortunately, Mozilla is being a whore right now. On two computers, it will install sort of. The install seems to be at the end, then it will quit. In the add/remove panel, it says it is installed. However when clicking on it, nothing happens. It is like clicking on a shortcut that goes nowhere. So here I am stuck with Firefox. I need to download the latest beta or alpha. I have never had a problem with either type yet. Maybe that will fix the problem. On strong point of using Firefox is the one-click clear all for people who are concerned about history and such. This was pointed out to me by someone who needed the privacy. Fortunately, I don not; see earlier post.

Also last week when I was going through the computer mess, I managed to get my 2000 machine going with 640x480 16 color resolution so I could log into astrowars. During that short time without a firewall, I picked up a virus. Some kind of spybot, W32.spybot.worm. Some ass was randomly sending it out to IP addresses and got a hit on mine. Very annoying but I easily cleaned it out.

Both machines are working fine now. The documents folder was intact; the benefit from using a different user name each time. I need to download some Visual Basic library to make the astotoolpak work. Plus reinstall all my old programs. But on the plus side, because of this incident, I may get a new 64bit Athlon 64. Then of course I will move to Linux as my main computer. I could go with the 32bit sempron, but I do not really see the point. I would just as soon stay with what I got till the 64bit becomes cheaper.

Also noteworthy, I started back with the dumbbells, after about a week off. Feels great. I take about an hour to do my stuff. Now I need to get in about an hour of aerobic exercises. I was thinking of getting a dancepad for my playstation and working out to DDR, but my playstation is old.
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wade 1-12-05 Jan 18th, 2005 3:07:56 am - Subscribe
Now that my computer is set up with secure internet and current virus protection, I will post this late. I tried earlier this week, but it did not make it through. Lucky for me I always Ctrl+A and then Ctrl+C before I post. I also added a spell check and fixed it to my enforced style.

I kind of had a rough day because of little things. The motherboard in my parents computer is dead. Refer to an earlier post regarding that. So I decided to test out all the components to make sure. Everything but the motherboard was working. I tested everything for the tech support. What I unfortunately choose to do after deciding to fix it was swap out my motherboard with their broken one and put my old MSI k7t pro2-a in mine until the replacement showed up. This is bad because windows 2000 on xp are able to survive all kinds of upgrades except motherboards. When I had everything swapped around I had 2 computers of deadly blue screens. I fired up knoppix on the xp machine and burned the files from after the last backup and was set. Then I was going to reinstall windows XP, but I found a repair option that worked. Not the first one but the second. Unfortunately since I had no Internet, I could not access command line help. But eventually I got the xp up but slow and without internet. Later today I am going to reinstall instead of repairing. It will not be so bad since I downloaded the service pack at my brothers place. Later I did a new install of win2000 on my box on a different hard drive in order to for sure save my "My Documents." This reminds me of why I hate "My Documents." From now on I will have my own folder like it, but of my placement choosing like I used to do. I guess the stability of almost 2 years had to go some time, but I think if I had prepared I would not have had a problem. Luckily I found my hacked USB modem drivers and was able to get internet going. Maybe tomorrow, I will be able to get things going good.

Also my Asian Special Edition Star Trek Season 7 arrived. It is a ripoff. All of the last episodes on the disks cutoff. Kind of pissed about that. They say 100% refund, but I have to pay $10 to ship it back, and it was only worth that. And if I leave negative feedback, this guy leaves retaliatory feedback. Screwed either way. Plus my books are over a month overdue. Pissed about that too. Pissed at ebay right now. Fortunately only out $35.

Heh, and last night I drove over a raccoon. It was running across the 4 lane road and was into the second lane when it turned back towards me and I braked but to late. It went under both right wheels. It was a really big one too. It was like going over a speed bump. I felt a little bad, but it passed quickly.

And then there was the dentist. I lost my phone, and I feel like I have not met deep slept in a week.
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radio blues blues blues Jan 18th, 2005 2:12:04 am - Subscribe
I feel so unmotivated, whether it's at work or at home. Not sure why, think it's the stress from my job. Been feeling rather down of taking up those extra duties and not getting rewarded. I wonder, should I leave the company or should I continue with what I am doing and secretly pray that they will somehow notice my contribution and re-think about my remuneration package. Hai, am I being too calculative or am I just being greedy? Practical? Materialistic?


I hate to blog about my work, cos I find it uninterestingly boring. That's how much I hate my job. I HATE IT!!!!!

HATE IT like I hate......? shit, I don't hate anything?!??!?! *#$(#*&$()@

urgh. well....let's see, what have I been doing these few weeks?

PLAYING DAIBLO!!!!!! life, some of you might say. But it is a rather addictive game and especially when you are playing in a team, everything seeemed more fun and enjoyable.

what else? rollerbladed on Sunday....was at Bishan Park, breezy late afternoon with pet lovers gathering around the Animal Park to let their pets mingle and run wild in the fields.

the pathways were rather badly littered with broken branches and stones, dangerous for rollerbladers. As well as many mini pot-holes, slopes and humps! Supa challenging Lor. Have to try to empower my blading strides with extra leg muscles, in order to keep moving as gracefully as possible.

One bad move and you will see me lying on all fours, like one of the golden retrievers from the park.

went to catch "ALFIE"...oooooo.. i love JUDE, he's so drooooolable, goodness...the way he smiles was so charrrmmmmmmiing. He plays this adorable smooth talker, with a way of getting women to surrender to him. I think he doesn't need to talk to me loh, he just smiles and I will come crawling to him.....*still drooooling* well, in the end he ended with nobody...

hmmmmmmm.....*deep thoughts*

went to INTRO bar at the Swissotel, coool place with a nice ambience and soft music playing the background. All's well and nice till we changed seats and I was seated directly in front of this pair of extremely disgusting and pukable couple. VERY UGLY TOO.....*shivers*

Both were in late 30s, I think. Though I find the woman looks older than the guy. And all throughout the evening, they were all over each other. The woman was the horny one, everytime the guy turn to look at something else, she will make him turn his face towards her . to stare at such an ugly creature!!!!! pui pui pui.....And her dressing was oddly put together, with a black top with gold linings, BABY-BLUE, i repeat, BABY-BLUE MINI skirt and black stockings?!?!?!?!??! *faint*

*speechless* cos puking at the thought of it.

having a long weekend this week, but nothing to do leh, anyone has any plans???? ring me up!
Mood: unfulfilled

crowsblood Polar Surveys. Jan 18th, 2005 12:06:48 am - Subscribe
I just saw Polar Express. It was actually really, really, really good! I, at first, didn't think I'd like it, because looked to cutesy for me, and it was. However, the 3-D was just too sweet!

Okay, enough of that. Another survey from Bzoink. Whoo! *SARCASMSARCASM* . . I've decided to stop with changing the color for survey and quiz results. It's just too distracting, not to mention it clashes like hell. Link are good in blue, whole sentences aren't.

General Information

What is you're Name?: Krista
If you could change you're name, what would it be?: Something strange. Anything that doesn't mean "Christ-follower". x_x
What is you're age?: 15
What colour is you're hair?: Dark Brown.
How do you dress?: Like a . . like a Me! I guess it would be a cross between goth/prep/average-person.
Whats the perfect outfit for you?: Something black and oriental-like.


Type of music: Rock
Band: Evanescence
Author: SilverFoxGlove (, Flying_Toasters_13 (
Game: The Sims, virtual Clue
Movie: Elf, Harry Potter, LOTR, SuperStar, my Evanescence DVD
Color: Black w/ light blue. My purse is that color! I am SO happy!
Food: Rice balls (I'm craving one soo bad!)
Drink: Cold water, Mountain Dew, tai tea with cream.


Do you play in a band or play an instrument?: My voice. It's 'mazing (I wish).
What subculture do you belong too?: Subculture? You mean stereotypes, right? I create my own.
Do you like roller coasters?: Yep. I just don't like the G-force on my stomach.
What time do you go to sleep?: When I should already be sleeping.
If you were going to be really egotistical, what would you say?: Depends on the situation.
Are you good humoured?: As in . . ?
If you were in a crowd, what would youre behaviour be?: Depends on the people in the crowd.

The Perfect You

Perfect hair: Long, naturally-black.
Perfect talent: Singing and hands-on artistic stuff (like drawing, photomanipulation, the stuff I'm already good at)
Perfect Job: Assistant for some weirdo. Ja, that's the life!
Perfect Partner: Whomever I'm attracted to. That love-shit doesn't hold a powerful place on my to-do list.
Perfect Home: In a Japanese shrine-like home.
Perfect World: See above. *points* . . Unless you want me to be a self-inserter, that is. ^__^

If You.....

Made a game, what would it be like?: It would BLOW YER MIND.
Made a cartoon, what would it be like?: Angsty and bloody, with much killing and sorrow. That is so like me.
Made a recipe for food, what would it be like?: Japanese-style! Whoo!
Made the perfect shirt, what would it look like?: My style.
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comablack Uh-Oh.. Jan 17th, 2005 5:40:19 pm - Subscribe
Well today was kinda boring.. I had to go to school, and stuff. Then after school, I was supposed to have a friend over and then she didn't come to the bus stop like she was supposed to. So I got pissed off, and it was extremely cold so I walked home by myself and then I was just about to turn onto my street, and lo and behold... Her mom pulls over and she get's out, and is like "HILARY!" and I was like oh my god!!! I was so happy. And then we got to my house, and I couldn't feel my face because it was frozen from walking home.. and then we watched Billy Madison.. heh! "t t today juniour!" it was hilarious.. But then........... I broke my dads laptop.. Well, I accidently broke a key off the keyboard, and he cant get it back on and I feel soo bad... and I mean.. I feel bad! I didn't mean to.. I don't know what happened. I was just typing and I guess my fingernail got caught under the key and it popped out and I couldn't get it back in and neither can my dad.. I think it's one of those laptops when you take out one key you have to replace the whole keyboard.. I feel soo bad I can't get over it.. and I feel sick because I feel bad.. (Lol, ive used "I feel sooo bad" so many times in this blog.. but its true).. Ugh.. well that's all I really have to say..

Oooh! I have a new layout, my sexy buddy Adam made it for me. Thankyou Adam! <3 I love you.. soo much. I mean it.


8:74 PM

MY DAD FIXED THE LAPTOP.. Oh my god.. I don't feel sick anymore. It was pure LUCK! Someone must really like him.. =D I am soo happy.. Thank god! *is now happy as can be*
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Music: Papa Roach - Getting Away With Murder

deathcab4u No More Party :( Jan 17th, 2005 4:03:39 pm - Subscribe
I had a great time happy.gif. We did all sorts of great stuff. Like Mandy has a dvd video camera and we recorder fun stuff, like playing guesstures(just a round or two grin.gif). We did connfesionals were I told how Rites of Spring deserves a lot of the credit for the emo movement. And then we pulled name and talked about that person to the camera, then watched it. It was neat to have a record of all of that....cause were making a movie. Then we did some other games and crap...I can't really remember a big part of it...oh yeah. We looked at all the dresses at the Golden Globes....the people all looked so ugly! We wern't impressed with our so called trend setters and fashion gurus. Mandy liked her stuffed doggy thing I got her, it was so cute. We really jus messed around all night now that I think about it. Alyssa was surprised last night, I laughed instead of giggled. I giggle...not sure why...BUT I laughed! So we all ended up in one giant mess on the big couch and people ended up getting hurt and whatever happens in a giant tangle of teenagers. After that we kinda slept...woke up and ate chips and dip for breakfast. Then...I had to go to Jewel w/my mom and bough a tremendous amount of food. Now I'm here...rambling. I'll probably tell individual stories from the party post at a much happens to tell fun.
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marlene Don\'t take those pills your boyfriend gave you, you\'re too wonderful to die. Jan 17th, 2005 3:48:38 pm - Subscribe
So, so bored usual. Damn Mondays, they stink.

...Today I went to all my classes, got some of my dreaded work finished! Go me, or something. I came home to finding my mother had finished the ice cream she had bought for me ...and I was looking forward to it all day, so she's buying me more tomorrow after she gets off work ...or so she says. I guess she feels guilty.

Okay, now ...about a half hour ago, Zander said he had to switch computers, and he still isn't back! ARGH! The only other thing I was looking forward to ...gone. Pfft, what a dumb day it's been for me, nothing is working out. I even have a headache ...typical. Maybe tomorrow will be better. Let's all hope.


Life is beautiful, thank you twilight. -The Pillows
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Music: Neutral Milk Hotel - Song Against Sex

crowsblood ;____; Jan 17th, 2005 2:04:06 pm - Subscribe
I am in a very weird mood right now. I think it's because I'm so tired. Or maybe because Chibi keeps flooding screens (LOL!). I don't know. I think I just need to do something.

My Karasu plushie is never coming! **cries** Yukiko couldn't find one! They don't make them anymore because the show is so damn old! That means I have to make my own! Noo! I'm too . . . lazy to do that. I don't want to deal with cloth layer after cloth layer! *SIGH* Oh well. I hope my mom is as good at sewing as she says she is. At least she sews fast, not like Duck, who sews like a grannie. x_____x

Two more weeks until I get to go on an airplane to Los Angeles! Whoo! This week I have to buy my dress for the wedding. In case I didn't mention (I don't think I did), my cousin is getting married. Yay, Melissa! ^____^ I think my little brother might be the ring-bearer. O_O I'm glad I don't get to be the flower girl or anything this time. No one ain't filmin' my ugly face! *hides*

. . . . Okay, that's enough. I'll come back when I'm . . . as sane as I can get, and when I have something of worth to say, er, write.
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crowsblood Survey x1x ~ Favorites Jan 17th, 2005 12:35:52 am - Subscribe
I wanted to do something different, and not fill in the survey like a normal person does. You'll see . . .

what's your favorite color?: BlackxLightBlue ((together, of course))
what's your favorite movie?: My Evanescence DVD (okay, not really a movie . .)
what's your favorite actor/actress?: X
what's your favorite t.v. show?: I watched Fear Factor once . . . It was interesting.
what's your favorite flower?: PurplexLilies
what's your favorite song?: BreathexNoxMore~Thoughtless~Missing~FatherxAway
what's your favorite band?: Evanescence
what's your favorite cartoon?: YuYuxHakusho~Inuyasha~SpongeBobxSquarePants~InvaderxZim
what's your favorite animal?: Crows~DomesticxCats~Snakes
what's your favorite book?: HarryxPotterxSeries
what's your favorite eye color?: Green~Violet
what's your favorite skin color?: Pale~Bleeding~BatteredxandxBruised
what's your favorite web site?: Areax51xNewxMexico (humor site)
what's your favorite word?: Bleed~Breathe~Suicide~Die~Tears~Cry
what's your favorite drink?: Water~MountainxDew
what's your favorite food?: RicexBall
what's your favorite resturant?: TacoxBell
what's your favorite body part?: Eyes~Hair
what's your favorite name for boys?: Taranis
what's your favorite name for girls?: Sorcha~Yukiko
what's your favorite dessert?: IcexCream
what's your favorite item of clothes?: Pants
what's your favorite color of shoes?: Black
what's your favorite color for clothes?: BlackxLightBlue
what's your favorite quiz/survey that you've taken so far?: ThisxOne
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marlene You\'ve had enough, they\'re too unkind. Jan 16th, 2005 6:00:48 pm - Subscribe
So, last night was pretty okay. I went over to my friend, Kristie's house. We went and saw "Meet The Fockers." It wasn't nearly as good as the first one, and I wouldn't see it again. I wanted to go see "White Noise," but she had already seen it last weekend when she had a birthday party. So anyways ...we watched my Invader Zim DVDs, which was fun, and played Twisted Metal: Black and some Mortal Combat game. Though, we played Twisted Metal most of the night, that's pretty much the game series me and her play the most together. So ...I got home around five today and just took a shower and came on the computer, downloaded a few songs, and now, listening to music and waiting for Zander to come online. Hopefully school tomorrow will go by okay. I'm definitely not looking forward to waking up in the morning.


You're a little bit shy, a little too quiet. You're the mixed up girl that everybody leaves behind
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deathcab4u Guess What! Guess What? Guess What. Jan 16th, 2005 4:51:13 pm - Subscribe
Well. In like 15 minutes I will go to Mandy's for her B-day party. It will be great...all 'The Nine' together. Guess what! I totally am manic right now...the great escape from deppresion. I'm in love. The girl....well, I've always loved her. Listen to First Day of my Life by Bright Eyes. Its somethin like that i think. No. Not really, but still listen to that song. But really, i don't even want to, and It's not that silly high school love....true love. haha. Nah. But there are feelings. Mutual or not...there are feelings...
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Music: Early November-Everythings too Cold...But You\\\'re so Hot

comablack *yawn* Jan 16th, 2005 11:37:28 am - Subscribe

I just woke up an hour and a half ago, and im sooo tired.. Im talking to Adam and a few friends on my MSN and im some other sites, and listening to my stereo almost on full blast, and Im soo going to get a major headache in the next couple of minutes... Boring eh? Well atleast Adam isn't boring... But oh well.. I have a friend coming over today (the same guy who came over the other day) at 4:00.. And then my cousin is coming over and bringing her baby, so I cant wait. I <3 that baby sooo much. Her name is Hannah.. Well, Ill write in here later..

So long..


Ok.. Well here's what else happened. Me and my guy friend were watching a movie, he stayed for dinner, and then we were fooling around and he was poking me and stuff, and then he pulls me over to him and bites my neck! I was like.. 'bitings hot, but that hurt'.. and I had a major red mark. And then I went to my friend Julie's because we had to finish a project. My mom thought that I was lieing to her and I was like "Dude, im not lieing to you" and yeah.. I couldn't believe me that she let me out on a Sunday night, and then I got home at 10:30.. So thats all that really happened.. Fun fun.. *rolls eyes*
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deathcab4u Yey..I like emo Jan 15th, 2005 10:39:07 pm - Subscribe
Didnt really need a quiz to know this, really i just wanted to test the quiz. I would have rated Hardcore much higher though, and the rest after indie rock be zero. I admit...some of the questions I just put an answer...explaining the industrial and stuff being that high. What a lousy quizz.

You scored as Emo & More. Emo and Screamo.

Emo & More




Punk and Pop Punk.


Indie Rock




Classic Rock.




Hip Hop and Rap










Music Recommendation
created with
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deathcab4u Slow day Jan 15th, 2005 8:57:47 pm - Subscribe
Went to the chiropractor, bought a gift for mandy, bought some crap for my project, worked on it with my step-dad for 2 hours, sat on computer, ate pizza, sat on computer again. I hope my mom will just be nice and let me be on here just for the hell of it. She's been like..."Is that work...are you working on your eagle project???" She manages to sound snarky in my mind, whether she really is or not. But it's saturday freakin night, she can give me a break if her mind comprehends that I'm just having fun. What else would I Harry Potter books?! I have some, they were a gift. Are they worth my while...let me know will ya. So I made a new buddy Icon, and background, toyed with my template. I'm still not happy with the icon. I'll get better at that. I think I will download some Blonde Redhead, I think I like them, a lot. It's neat to hear chick lyrics. Well, I might play monopoly with my step-dad, thats our game, it's fun. You might notice we have a good relationship. I think I met him when I was six? My parent divorced when I was four. So they got married and(or because of wink.gif ) they had two babies. So my family is big. A big bro and sis. Both married. One has a baby, anopther on the way. And I have two little sisters. Yey. They try to make me angry...gah. Little twerps. Off to the Blonde Redhead.
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crowsblood Hair-Trimming Trick Jan 15th, 2005 6:02:46 pm - Subscribe
I just trimmed the dry ends of my hair off. I know a trick it cutting hair straight, too. All you have to do is twist your hair behind you, and then bring it over your shoulder. However, I would only try that for trimming. I've never actually done it while giving myself or anyone else a a totally-new look. I'm never cutting my hair short. Never.

Later on my mom is taking me to Barnes & Noble to use up my gift card. Yay! I love B&N. I could be there for hours, reading. I could live there!

. . . I wish I could drive. It seems everyone is taking or has taken Driver's Ed except for me. Poor, poor me. Cry for me, for I am immobile. XD
Mood: immobile

comablack *rolls eyes* Jan 14th, 2005 11:10:42 pm - Subscribe
Absoloutley nothing happened today..
I got up, went to school, did my video project for English, came home, and learned some CSS... Absoloutley nothing, happened besides that. Except for the fact that my ex is STILL trying to get me back, and yeah.. let's not get into that.

Aint my days just great? I find that I write the same thing over and over again in this journal. And for that, I applogize..
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