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Gmail Now Allows Pasting Images and Screenshots into Email

Posted by David  •  Jun 14th, 2011 1:09:19 am - Subscribe | Mood: good | Music: No Music

Google Allows Copy Paste in Gmail

This morning Gmail Now Allows Pasting Images into Email.

So how does this work? Well first off you will need Google Chrome, so the idea is to simply copy the image from an email or from the web and paste it right into the message.

It is also said that you can even post screenshots. If you are on an Apple iOS device. simply hitting:

Apple iOS Devices
Command-Control-Shirt-4 will save the screenshot to your clipboard.

Windows Operating Systems
Print Screen, CTRL+C CTRL+V

Gmail states that while this currently only works in Google Chrome, they plan on releasing this features for other browsers. This is a great feature, and I can't wait to share it for others around the office.

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