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Gmail Now Offers POP Access

Posted by David  •  Nov 11th, 2004 4:52:38 pm - Subscribe | Mood: tierd | Music: Dj Doboy - Vocal Volume 10

Gmail Now Offers POP Access

Seemingly answering the cries of Gmail users everywhere, Google has announced a new feature for their growing email service. The new addition will allow members to use POP access to check their mail

POP access will allow users to check their Gmail accounts using standard email clients like Outlook. Google states their feelings on the matter on What's new on Gmail page: "It's your mail. You should be able to choose how and where you read it. Access your mail the way you want to, with free POP access and automatic forwarding. You can even switch to other email services without having to worry about losing access to your messages."

Gmail will also be allowing users to automatically forward messages "to any email account you specify."

Since the launch of the email service Google has been hard at work adding new features to Gmail in order to improve user satisfaction. With the addition of message forwarding and POP access, Gmail members also have access to these features:

Import Contacts
You've made a list. You've checked it twice. Now you never have to check it again. Move all your contacts from Yahoo! Mail, Outlook, and others to Gmail in just a few clicks. Then simply rely on our auto-complete feature to fill in your addresses as you're typing. Keep all your contacts in one place and keep in touch with all of them using Gmail.

Gmail Notifier
Want to know if you've got new mail? Let us do the checking so you don't have to. Find out when new messages arrive, and even see their subjects, senders and snippets, all without having to open a web browser.

Search your contacts
With the new and improved Contacts list, search for a contact as easily as you would a message in Gmail. Add notes and phone numbers. View messages directly from the Contacts list.

Signature options
From the settings page, create a signature that's automatically added to the end of all your outgoing messages. Change it as often as you like, but always get the last word.

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mux Says:
November 12th, 2004

sweeeeeeeeeeet!!! gmail rocks my face off...even though i dont use outlook or anything

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