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God Finger Free Awe & Gold Rust Glitch

Posted by David  •  Jul 2nd, 2011 9:18:13 pm - Subscribe | Mood: tired | Music: Slick Shoes

Gold Finger Rust

Hi guys I don't usually or ever post game glitches on my blog, but since this has happened to me twice in one day for the past few weeks I figured it's worth it. I do apologize to my readers if this is off topic on what I usually publish.

On God Finger on the iPad, there is currently a Free Gold Glitch. I experienced this when I was playing the game, and zoomed outside of my planet by using the pinch and zoom out. When you do some, you will get certain planets. (not really planets) That stated"

1. Free Awe
2. Free Gold

I noticed so long as that you are playing the game you can always go back to these and replenish your awe or gold infinitely. My problem is doing this back to back.

For example of the Free Awe & Gold Rust Glitch

1. When I zoom out to other planets and I notice Free Awe. I click on it, view the advertisement and get refreshed back to where I was...but when...

2. I then click on the gold planet that states free bold. Click on it, and view the advertisement I get refreshed out and soon view my planet with everything maxed out with all gold turned to rust!

Seriously, everyone on my planet is either exhausted at 0 or on the verge of being exhausted! Keep in mind that all gold that was coming to you is now presented and not rusted. I replenished all buildings with Awe, did the steps above 1 - 2 and boom. RUST!

So with that in mind, do not get greedy! If you go for the awe planet, do so...but do not go for gold. If you do, you will experience your people maxed out and your incoming gold to rust.

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