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Google Street Car Video in San Antonio, Tx

Posted by David  •  Jun 17th, 2011 6:03:59 pm - Subscribe | Mood: good | Music: Party Ben Mashup - Every Car You Chase

Google Car in San Antonio

Yes I was totally geeked to see a Google Car in San Antonio Texas! I was one of the lucky ones to see the Goog Car during my lunch hour. Yeah, sure everyone seems to see them going up and down all over the country, but to see and know what it is pretty damn cool.

This afternoon I took at late lunch, probably around the hours of 2:30pm to 3:00pm or so when a co-worker and I noticed something funny pass us up as we were in a Bill Millers drive through. I made the assumption immediately that it was a Google car, and laughed, and he said yeah it is!

Doing my best to catch up and making some abrasive maneuvers, I finally was able to pull up right behind the Googler in the Google Car. My location was at Wurzbach Pkwy and Perrin Beitel here in San Antonio, Tx. My co-pilot (no longer my co-worker) took some video footage on my iPod Touch, and the video below is what we have.

I made a few edits, not many...and removed our audio, and replaced with with Party Ben's Mashup - Every Car You Chase. I felt the music was only appropriate, being we were chasing it down.

Did you know:
1. The Google Street Car can driven by it's self.
2. The Google Street Car is monitored (driven) by an engineer.
3. The Google Street Cars are usually Toyota Prius hybrids and an Audi TT's.
4. The Google Street Car has multiple video cameras, radar and laser technology.
5. Google has developed a Google Trike for Parks and Trails.
6. Google has also developed a Street View Snowmobile that was used in the 2010 Winter Olympics.
7. Google has even developed a Street View Trolley used to examine museums.

External Links:
1. Location at Wurzbach Pkwy and Perrin Beitel Road
2. Autonomously Driving Google Car by Robert Scoble
3. Google's Driverless Car: The Next Alternative Vehicle?

Does any one else have any footage they would like to share, or any cool experiences?

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anonymous Says:
October 09th, 2013

Very true! Makes a change to see sonmoee spell it out like that. happy.gif

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