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Google Video Search For Blog Users

Posted by David  •  Jan 25th, 2005 9:10:59 pm - Subscribe | Mood: happy | Music: Dj Doboy - Vocal Volume 12

Google Video Search For Blog Users

Recently Google has release a a new type of search for its users. Video! But before you start jumping up and down, I wanted to make it known that its really not what you think. happy.gif

When one makes a Google Video Search for lets say blog. The results are displayed in short form with information about the video, along with a video snap shot. NOT the actual video. Sorry guys! All information along with commercials are displayed in chronological order by minutes.

So what does this mean for us end-users? Google Video Search is to give viewers complete access to public affairs programming and we are committed to use new technologies to enhance the value of our services. This partnership with Google further demonstrates how new technologies will expand our audience and make it easier to conduct online searches of our content for information most relevant to them.

Click Here to Visit Google Video Search \ Do a Search For Google Video Search

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mux Says:
January 26th, 2005

still thats going to be kick ass cause like u were searching for our video that we made...and that would be kick ass to search for stuff like that!! woot ! I LOVE GOOGLE!!!


mdeleon Says:
January 26th, 2005

eh, it's a nice addition, but unless you can search for actual playable videos, i won't use it much.

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