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Halloween Aftermath 04\'

Posted by David  •  Nov 1st, 2004 10:08:01 pm - Subscribe | Mood: ok | Music: ATB - Youre Not Alone

Well Halloween was great. Priscilla and I took Milani (my daughter) out trick or treating for a little bit last night. Other than that we just hung out all day and watched some scary movies on AMC & TNT also there was so documentries on exorcism on the Discovery Channerl that was rather interesting. But other than that we we just took it easy that day and awaited the cold front that came in later that evening.

Hope everyone had a Happy and safe Halloween! Interested in seeing so Halloween pictures? Check out amigone's halloween images!

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amigone Says:
November 02nd, 2004

haha thanks for the promo david! what was milani for halloween?


david Says:
November 02nd, 2004

Milani was a poodle, I will add a picture later tonight. grin.gif


crowsblood Says:
November 03rd, 2004

I didn't have much of a great Halloween, but there's always next year. =) I'm glad you had fun. Halloween is SO the best day of the year!

I wish I could have watched that exorcism documentary. I live for that creepy stuff.


amigone Says:
November 03rd, 2004

aww i can't wait to see it!

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