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Happy Birthday Emo Blog

Posted by David  •  Dec 30th, 2004 2:08:33 pm - Subscribe | Mood: Happy | Music: Happy Birthday - Emo Blog

Dec 3rd, was Emo Blog's Birthday but I decided to make everyone aware today, reason being that today is the day it was released to the public.

This year was a great one:

4700 public blogs
352 private blogs
1511 members

In the last 24 hours:
35 public blogs have been posted.
51 comments have been made.
13 people have registered.

Click here for the latest statistics on Emo Blog.

This does not include the extra 1000 comments that were pruned from the database 5 months back.

Looking back we added many new advancements to Emo Blog:

1. Archive Development
2. Friend's Revamp
3. Template Additions (Thanks Neal)
4. Faster Loading Site
5. Online Users
7. Emo Blog Box Chat
8. Purchase of a Dedicated Server

Thanks to all of the many users that have helped out by linking Emo Blog on the net and inviting people to join us. Keep on bloggin'!

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saint Says:
December 30th, 2004

Happy Birthday EB! You're getting so big now! *pinches emoblog on the cheek* Such a handsome kid!


jessica Says:
December 30th, 2004

YAY! Happy birthday Emo Blog! It rocks more than LiveJournal! grin.gif

anonymous Says:
April 09th, 2008

hai guyzZz................add me 2 ur email add...

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