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Happy New Years 2005

Posted by David  •  Dec 31st, 2004 8:45:21 pm - Subscribe | Mood: hot | Music: Sugarcult - Memory

I probley wont be around later tonight, so I just wanted to wish everyone on Emo Blog a Happy New Years. For those who make positive resolutions I hope your able to follow through with them, but if was worth the try huh?

Later tonight Im heading to downtown San Antonio with Priscilla, Milani, and her sister Nichole. Soon after we will most likely head to our a family friends house and have a little get together with there family. So again, Happy New Years and have a good one!

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joanne Says:
December 31st, 2004

Happy New Years to you too! Have a great and Blessed year!


nutsygirl Says:
January 01st, 2005

Happy New Years David, best wishes in 05' dude!


david Says:
January 01st, 2005

Thanks guys! Best wishes to you guys too.


koyako Says:
January 03rd, 2005

Happy New Years!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

0_0 Says:
January 03rd, 2005

Happy new years Dave, and thanks for making this awesome site. It's so fun! happy.gif

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