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HD DVR and Cable Box

Posted by David  •  Apr 24th, 2006 6:23:01 pm - Subscribe | Mood: tired | Music: Yasunori Mitsuda, Mathew Valente - Corridors of Time

Priscilla and I just got back from our local Timewarner Cable Service Center to exchange and upgrade our cable boxes to a HD. Let me explain.

Timewarner Service Center
8133 Callaghan Road
San Antonio, Texas 78230

We had a regular DVR Digital Video Recorder, but we decided why have a regular DVR when we can have an HD DVR for free? As for our other box it was a simple HD Reciever, alot like a cable box but High Definition. Well we took our boxes to our local service station, and exchanged them at no cost. Plus we recieved 3 months of free HD TV. I guess the customer service represenative did not recognize we do not pay for cable due to our courtesty account. O'well.

Now I need to go to Party City and get more graduation invitations for Priscilla. I'm kinda taking my time right now, because there is alot of traffic out. Its 6:19pm on a Monday. Ok, enough rambling i will talk to you guys later.

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