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How to Convert DVD's to AVI Video Format Tutorial

Posted by David  •  Nov 20th, 2006 3:00:30 pm - Subscribe | Mood: good | Music: 2pac - Greatest Hits - 11 - All About U

This tutorial explains how to convert your DVD's to AVI Video Format encoding in Divx or Xvid.

What You Will Need

  • DVD Decrypter
  • DVD Decrytion Software (AnyDVD)
  • AutoGK
  • Divx Codec
  • Xvid Codec

    Getting Started with DVD Decrypter
    1. Create 3 folders in your My Documents Folder. Name them, Movies, AVI, and DVD.
    2. Take the DVD, and AVI folders and drag and drop them into the Movies folder.
    3. Open of DVD Decrypter
    4. Go to Tools > Settings > IFO Mode Tab
    5. Check mark under File Names, Include PGC Number and Include Angle Number
    6. Click Ok
    7. Go to Mode > Check IFO I
    8. Under Destination on DVD Decryter's main area click the explore icon > Now Select the DVD Folder in your My Documents that you created in the first and second step.
    9. Click Ok
    10. Now Click the DVD to HD Image at the bottom left hand side of the software.
    11. DVD Decrypter will now transfer the files from the DVD to your Harddrive.
    12. Once Files are successfully transfered close out DVD Decrypter.

    AutoGK to Encode the DVD to AVI
    Now we will be encoding out DVD to AVI using AutoGK and with the Xvid codec. We will be making (2) 700 MB AVI Files with the original AC3 (Dolby Digital) audio.

    1. Decide what codec you would like your AVI file to be compressed with. You can choose between XviD and Divx. Since XviD codec comes with AutoGK when you install it, then we will use that.
    2. Divx Offical Website | XviD Official Website
    3. Open AutoGK
    4. Under Step 1 click the icon for INPUT File on the right side of AutoGK.
    5. Now select the DVD's .IFO file. (usually looks like VTS_01_o.IFO)
    6. Click Open
    7. Step 2 Now do the same for Output, rename the AVI file if you like...and place it in your AVI Folder.
    8. Step 3 Select the Output size and choose 2 CD's (1400 Mb) or if you just want 1 file, select 1 CD (700Mb). It's up to you.
    9. Step 4 Select the Advanced Settings Button
    10. Most DVD's are at a 16x9 format. So we will choose fixed width 640.

      * For 16x9 DVD's choose fixed width 640
      * For 4:3 (Full Screen) DVD's choose fixed with 512

    11. Under Output resolution settings > Click Fixed Height > 640
    12. Check XviD
    13. Output audio type > Original (AC3/DTS/MPA only)
    14. 'If using external subtitles, check (Use external subtitles)
    15. Click Ok
    16. Click the Add Job Icon
    17. Finally Click the Start Icon.

    Now this process could take several hours depending on your PC's Hardware. Be patient.

    Check, Verify, and Remove the Temp Files
    1. Now the encoding process is finished. Go check out the .AVI in your AVI Folder within your My Documents Folder.
    2. After you have checked your AVI File and you are happy with the results, you can safely delete all the temp files to free up hard drive space.

    Your Done!

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    anonymous Says:
    April 13th, 2008

    Nice Post.
    Thnx a ton

    anonymous Says:
    January 12th, 2009

    have question i am getting a compression error # 2 am i doing something wrong

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