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How to Download MP3's from

Posted by David  •  Sep 30th, 2009 5:12:07 am - Subscribe | Mood: smart alec | Music: The Get Up Kids - Grunge Pig

My cousin contacted me about how he figured out how to download MP3's from I am not sure why I'm posting this...perhaps because he called me a 'jurk'.

How to Download MP3's from

  • (11:15:07 AM) deckard50: want free mp3's?
  • (11:15:23 AM) deckard50:
  • (11:15:29 AM) deckard50:
  • (11:15:56 AM) deckard50: just visit the hosting site of song, copy / paste link, save page as....there u go
  • (11:18:56 AM) Creative210: lol das old school
  • (11:19:07 AM) Creative210: i host some of my songs on these with the server we got
  • (11:19:09 AM) deckard50: why havent u let me know then??
  • (11:19:18 AM) Creative210: cuz its obvious
  • (11:19:19 AM) Creative210: happy.gif
  • (11:19:31 AM) deckard50: i hate u
  • (11:19:36 AM) Creative210: hey david
  • (11:19:40 AM) Creative210: apple jacks
  • (11:19:43 AM) Creative210: taste like apples
  • (11:19:46 AM) Creative210: FYI
  • (11:19:47 AM) Creative210: wink.gif
  • (11:19:48 AM) Creative210: hahaha
  • (11:19:55 AM) deckard50: jurk

    So there you go. happy.gif

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    anonymous Says:
    December 22nd, 2009

    just use OrbitDownloader GrabIt or GrabPro [IE]

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