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How to Fix Remote Desktop No Error Message Problem

Posted by David  •  Jun 8th, 2009 5:07:26 pm - Subscribe | Mood: good | Music: No Music

Entry explains How to Fix Remote Desktop No Error Message Problem. For all of you that are having problems with Microsoft Windows Remote Desktop Connection, I may have a(n) answer for you. The issue occurs when you try and access the PC with Remote Desktop. Well it doesn't give you an error, but simply wait's for a couple of seconds, then appears to time out. It took me a couple of hours to find what the error was, but luckily I got it fixed.

Well first off I will list everything that I did try, to make sure that the program was working and not corrupted in anyway.

What I verified during my troubleshooting

  1. [See your router] Made sure my ports were forwarded.
  2. Start > Right Click My Computer > Properties > Remote. Check marked Allow Remote Assistance invitations to be sent from this computer
  3. Start > Right Click My Computer > Properties > Remote. Check marked Allow users to connect remotely to this computer
  4. Start > Run > CMD. Able to telnet with commands 'telnet myipaddress port
  5. Start > Control Panel > Windows Firewall > Exceptions Tab > Edit. Checked my firewall and gave it Remote Desktop permissions to work outside of it.

How I fixed the Remote Desktop No Error Message Problem
I realized that I wanted to try the vertical options that my 21' LCD monitor had. That is when I knew that's when I started having problems. I figured that Remote Desktop was unable to tell my PC that it was flipped vertically, and not horizontally. So rather than settling with a horizontal monitor and conforming to my problem, I decided to update the drivers.

When I updated my Nvidia GeForce 7800 to the latest drivers and rebooted. Boom! I was able to connect remotely from another PC. So there you go, of you guys are having issues try updating your video drivers. This issue has something to do with Microsoft Windows Remote Desktop not recognizing monitor changes, and not knowing how to deal with it. There for the system gives you no error, because it's clueless.

Still have questions? Post below and I will see if I can give you some help with this issue.

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anonymous Says:
June 11th, 2009

applications windows become distorted

anonymous Says:
August 12th, 2009

this worked!
i have a 9600GT and updating 175.x to 190.x fixed the issue
thanks bro!

anonymous Says:
January 17th, 2010

this really worked!
thanks a lot dude!

anonymous Says:
January 30th, 2011

Hello, i'm facing the same problem and updating video card drivers didn't fix the problem. I've a nvidia quadro nvs 135 on my own computer and an ATI 3400 series on my remote computer but facing exactly the same behaviour that you described. Can someone help me?
Thank you very much

anonymous Says:
August 03rd, 2014

I have the same issue when i try to Remote to my windows server 2003, do I update drivers on my client PC or In my sever? If I do it on both and still get same problem what are the other possible solutions?

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