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How To Hold A Digital Camera

Posted by David  •  May 30th, 2006 5:10:57 pm - Subscribe | Mood: tired | Music: ODB - Baby I Got Your Money

How To Hold A Digital Camera

Everyone knows how to use a camera but do you know how to hold a digital camera correctly? Well in the least is all about stability, lining up, and shutter releasing. With the simple steps below you will be able to hold a digital camera correctly and be able to center your picture taking in no time.

  1. Use your right hand to grip the right hand end of the camera. Your forefinger should sit lightly above the shutter release, your other three fingers curling around the front of the camera. Your right thumb grips onto the back of the camera. Most cameras these days have some sort of grip and even impressions for where fingers should go so this should feel natural. Use a strong grip with your right hand but don’t grip it so tightly that you end up shaking the camera.

  2. The positioning of your left hand will depend upon your camera but in in general it should support the weight of the camera and will either sit underneath the camera or under/around a lens if you have a DSLR.

  3. If you’re shooting using the view finder to line up your shot you’ll have the camera nice and close into your body which will add extra stability but if you’re using the LCD make sure you don’t hold your camera too far away from you. Tuck your elbows into your sides and lean the camera out a little from your face (around 30cm). Alternatively use the viewfinder if it’s not too small or difficult to see through (a problem on many point and shoots these days).

  4. Add extra stability by leaning against a solid object like a wall or a tree or by sitting or kneeling down. The stiller you can keep yourself the stiller the camera will be.

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mdeleon Says:
June 05th, 2006

nice tips

anonymous Says:
February 11th, 2009

Trying to get 10 tips for my Com Tech class but you only have 4. If you were to add like 10+ I am sure that more children in the class would begin to use this...


anonymous Says:
August 12th, 2011

the passage tells you how to hold a digital camera. it is very useful.

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