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How to Make a Polanco Drink

Posted by David  •  Oct 6th, 2006 6:00:58 pm - Subscribe | Mood: excited | Music: Fluke - Absurd

Explains how to make a Polanco Drink using Bacardi & Cola / Dr. Pepper with proper amounts.

A Polanco drink consist of half Bacardi Rum, and one half Coca Cola or Dr. Pepper in at 16 ounce glass or mug. The usual human can only take one and one half Polanco drink in one consummation at first. Once toloration is met, the average human can only take 2 drinks with out passing out. (if active)

David Kyle made this drink a foundation and a name to San Antonio Bartenders when asked. For more information please contact directly by commenting below.

The Polanco drink is not to be consumed by the novice or intermediate. It will make you feel very uncomfortable and uneasy if you are a newbie.

After consumption of a Polanco Drink one must be very careful. Do NOT drive, do not WALK, do not start blabbing about political events...just listen to the one that served you the drink. They are the host, and a host may NEVER be crossed for they are the one that got you drunk on the Polanco Drink.

All exposed to this drink please let us know by commenting below. Who got you drunk and who referred you.

As always, enjoy, have fun and drink with responsible friends.

Drink hard, play safe with Polanco.

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end-of Says:
October 06th, 2006

Ahaha. And I clicked on this in the hopes that it would be a guide to getting david and his family drunk.
Oh well.


david Says:
October 06th, 2006

Ha funny end-of, this drink will plaster you. It has done well for all that are willing to take it to there lips, young, old, it doesn't matter. The Polanco Drink will own your perceptions & self consciousness. Try it one, try it all if thou is of age. wink.gif


end-of Says:
October 06th, 2006

I'll have to pass, but I may pass along the recipe if I feel like making a fool of someone. Or just having fun. Thanks anyhow.

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