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How to Share an iTunes Library on 2 Computers

Posted by David  •  Aug 5th, 2008 8:14:12 pm - Subscribe | Mood: good | Music: Reggie & The Full Effect - Mood 4 Luv.mp3

Explains how I am trying to share an iTunes Library on 2 Computers (PC)'s with all data files on an external hard drive

The Situation:
I am trying to sync 2 pc's 1 labtop and 1 desktop that has an external hard drive that I am keeping the .xml file and .itl files along with all data and music files.

The Goal:
Is to use the Remote Application feature to play on the desktop, and to use the labtop as the usb sync location where I would update the labtop on the network drive.

The Problem:
That the network drive and the labtop have different path names which iTunes can not differentiate . So this is where I am stuck, I have gone to a few websites on Google with keywords sucks as 2 pcs and sharing Apple iTunes and how to mass locate original files in iTunes, which has left me empty handed.

If anyone knows a quick fix please post a comment, I will check this blog entry daily to assist in this venture.

Please keep in mind that once the shared library is updated, both PC's should update using the shared library.

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