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Internet Issues for January 12th Weekend

Posted by David  •  Jan 14th, 2007 9:31:51 pm - Subscribe | Mood: Fustrated | Music: Maria Nyler - Naked And Sacred

All weekend I have had issues with my internet. It comes off and on off and on, 20 Minuites at a time. The problem begain Friday evening about 2 AM or so. What seems to be happening is my send light on my cable modem stops responding. Which in turns causes me to lose connection.

Lights on my Time Warner Cable Modem

  • Power Light
  • USB Light
  • Enet Light
  • Send Light
  • Recv Light
  • Sync Light
  • Ready Light

    All those lights are on except for USB (obviously) because I do not connect to the internet via USB, and the Send Light.

    I called up Time Warner Cable and they stated that there was an issue, probably not enought power feeding to the cable modem. So they stated that the would send some body over between the hours of 8 AM and 12 PM.

    Hopefully this issue can get resolved.

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    anonymous Says:
    October 09th, 2013

    You need a modem and an ethernet cable (or polssbiy a router). The cable line goes to the modem, and the ethernet cable goes from either the modem to your computer or to the wireless/wired router. If its a wired router, you need another ethernet cable from the router to the computer.This is a very simple answer, and Id question anyone who considers themselves computer savvy who does not know the most basic of networking.

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